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addInvalidateComputationFunction(ReactorInvalidateCallback) - Method in class io.dwak.reactor.ReactorComputation
Registers a ReactorComputationFunction to run when this computation is next invalidated, or runs it immediately if the computation is already invalidated.
afterFlush(ReactorFlushCallback) - Method in class io.dwak.reactor.Reactor
autoRun(ReactorComputationFunction) - Method in class io.dwak.reactor.Reactor
Run a ReactorComputationFunction now and rerun it later whenever its dependencies change.


changed() - Method in class io.dwak.reactor.ReactorDependency
Invalidate all dependent computations immediately and remove them as dependents.


depend() - Method in class io.dwak.reactor.ReactorDependency
depend(ReactorComputation) - Method in class io.dwak.reactor.ReactorDependency
Declares that the current computation (or ReactorComputation if given) depends on `dependency`.


equals(Object) - Method in class io.dwak.reactor.ReactorVar


flush() - Method in class io.dwak.reactor.Reactor
Process all reactive updates immediately and ensure that all invalidated computations are rerun.


getDependency() - Method in class io.dwak.reactor.ReactorVar
getId() - Method in class io.dwak.reactor.ReactorComputation
getInstance() - Static method in class io.dwak.reactor.Reactor
getParent() - Method in class io.dwak.reactor.ReactorComputation
getRawValue() - Method in class io.dwak.reactor.ReactorVar
Gets the contained value without creating a dependency
getValue() - Method in class io.dwak.reactor.ReactorVar
Gets the value, and adds a dependency


hasDependants() - Method in class io.dwak.reactor.ReactorDependency
True if this Dependency has one or more dependent ReactorComputation, which would be invalidated if this ReactorDependency were to change.
hashCode() - Method in class io.dwak.reactor.ReactorVar


invalidate() - Method in class io.dwak.reactor.ReactorComputation
Invalidates this computation so that it will be rerun.
io.dwak.reactor - package io.dwak.reactor
io.dwak.reactor.interfaces - package io.dwak.reactor.interfaces
isConstructingComputation() - Method in class io.dwak.reactor.ReactorComputation
isErrored() - Method in class io.dwak.reactor.ReactorComputation
isFirstRun() - Method in class io.dwak.reactor.ReactorComputation
isInCompute() - Method in class io.dwak.reactor.Reactor
isInvalidated() - Method in class io.dwak.reactor.ReactorComputation
isRecomputing() - Method in class io.dwak.reactor.ReactorComputation
isStopped() - Method in class io.dwak.reactor.ReactorComputation


nonReactive(ReactorComputationFunction) - Method in class io.dwak.reactor.Reactor
Run a function without tracking dependencies.


onFlush() - Method in interface io.dwak.reactor.interfaces.ReactorFlushCallback
onInvalidate() - Method in interface io.dwak.reactor.interfaces.ReactorInvalidateCallback
onInvalidate(ReactorInvalidateCallback) - Method in class io.dwak.reactor.Reactor
Registers a new ReactorComputationFunction react on the current computation (which must exist), to be called immediately when the current computation is invalidated or stopped.


react(ReactorComputation) - Method in interface io.dwak.reactor.interfaces.ReactorComputationFunction
Reactor - Class in io.dwak.reactor
See for more documentation on the source library
ReactorComputation - Class in io.dwak.reactor
A ReactorComputation object represents code that is repeatedly rerun in response to reactive data changes.
ReactorComputationFunction - Interface in io.dwak.reactor.interfaces
Callback for reactor computations
ReactorDependency - Class in io.dwak.reactor
A Dependency represents an atomic unit of reactive data that a computation might depend on.
ReactorDependency() - Constructor for class io.dwak.reactor.ReactorDependency
ReactorFlushCallback - Interface in io.dwak.reactor.interfaces
Callback for when Reactor flushes
ReactorInvalidateCallback - Interface in io.dwak.reactor.interfaces
Callback for when a computation invalidates
ReactorVar<T> - Class in io.dwak.reactor
Object that wraps an object and it's ReactorDependency If you'd like to use primitive data types, you'll have to handle your own instance of ReactorDependency alongside your primitive value Created by vishnu on 1/25/15.
ReactorVar() - Constructor for class io.dwak.reactor.ReactorVar
ReactorVar(T) - Constructor for class io.dwak.reactor.ReactorVar
requireFlush() - Method in class io.dwak.reactor.Reactor


setDependency(ReactorDependency) - Method in class io.dwak.reactor.ReactorVar
setRawValue(T) - Method in class io.dwak.reactor.ReactorVar
Sets the value without changing the ReactorDependency
setShouldLog(boolean) - Method in class io.dwak.reactor.Reactor
setValue(T) - Method in class io.dwak.reactor.ReactorVar
Sets the contained value and marks the dependency as changed
stop() - Method in class io.dwak.reactor.ReactorComputation
Prevents this computation from rerunning.


TAG - Static variable in class io.dwak.reactor.Reactor
toString() - Method in class io.dwak.reactor.ReactorComputation


unbindDependency() - Method in class io.dwak.reactor.ReactorVar
Unbind and null out the object's ReactorDependency
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